Renting Plastic Barriers Vs. Buying Plastic Barriers: A Wise Choice for Road Construction Projects

Renting Plastic Barriers Vs. Buying Plastic Barriers: A Wise Choice for Road Construction Projects

Road construction projects are notorious for their substantial requirements, and one important component is the plastic barrier. These barriers are essential for safety and traffic management. However, when it comes to buying plastic barriers for your project, the decision to rent rather than buy can make a significant difference. In this article, we'll discuss into the reasons why renting plastic barriers is not only cost-effective but also a practical choice for road construction projects in Malaysia. 

1. Cost-Effective for Expansive Projects

Road construction projects can extend over several kilometres. Imagine the sheer quantity of plastic barriers required for such projects when considering them in 1-meter length. Purchasing these barriers can quickly become a costly. Renting plastic barriers allows you to acquire the necessary quantity for your project without incurring exorbitant expenses.

2. Different Design and Brand

Plastic Barrier manufacturers have own design and when purchasing one type of barrier limits the usage. For an example, if contractor purchased 100 barriers without hoarding, this will complicate if the contractor would like to use the same barrier next project because of the hoarding design might not fit to the other design. The price will be higher or the hoarding will not be in used. 

3. Eliminate Resale Concerns

Purchased plastic barriers depreciate in value over time, and they have minimal to no resale value. Recycling these barriers often results in negligible returns. Renting eliminates these resale concerns. Once your project is complete, you simply return the barriers, and you won't have to deal with recycling or attempting to sell them at a fraction of their original cost. In Malaysia, some besi buruk purchase only for RM 1.00 to 3.00 per nos, depends on the market price. 

4. Optimal Space Utilization

Road construction sites are bustling hubs of activity, and space is at a limited. Purchasing plastic barriers requires storage space, which could be used more efficiently for storing other valuable materials. Renting plastic barriers eliminates the need for a dedicated storage area, freeing up space for other essential project components.

5. Hassle-Free Transportation

Plastic barriers, due to their size and bulk, necessitate special transportation arrangements. Each trailer can accommodate only about 200 pieces or even fewer barriers, leading to increased transportation costs and logistics. Renting plastic barriers simplifies transportation. They can be delivered as needed, eliminating the need for specialized trailers and the accompanying manpower.

6. Streamlined Logistics for Multiple Locations

Road construction projects often involve multiple work zones or locations. Handling the transportation and logistics of plastic barriers across these various sites can be exceedingly troublesome when you own them. Renting makes it easy to deliver barriers to the precise locations where they are needed, streamlining logistics and ensuring that safety measures are efficiently in place at each site.

In conclusion, when it comes to plastic barriers for road construction projects, renting is the preferred choice for numerous reasons. It offers cost-effectiveness for expansive projects, customization, and compatibility, eliminates resale concerns, optimizes space utilization, simplifies transportation logistics, and streamlines multiple location management. As you consider your road construction project, remember that renting plastic barriers is not just a wise financial choice; it's a practical one that ensures your project proceeds efficiently and safely.

10 Nov 2023